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ALTRUISTIC NETWORK GROUP provides both personal and business consultation from startup to harvest. Our housing division provides clients with clean and sanitary living conditions. We provide sober living in a safe and sound environment. We offer a fresh start to those who may qualify for our home placement. Our key competitive advantages are the experienced and empathetic management in place facilitating the individual needs of clients on a personal basis. We are an affordable housing provider operating in the Greater Metropolitan Houston area.
Our Consultation Office is conveniently located
at : 2401 Fountain View Dr. Houston, TX. 77057.
Our Assisted Living Facility is conveniently located at : 8215 Coffee St. Houston, TX. 77033.


ANG services the Greater Metropolitan Houston area with transitional housing. We will emerge as a remarkably affordable and reputably reliable industry-leading facility. Specializing in consulting, educating, and housing, our focus is on safely transitioning our clients through thorough needs assessment. Our expert staff offer flexibility and provide long-term support working collaboratively with our network of local ministries and support groups. Our goal is to implement the best developed solutions to the many obstacles that our clients face. We outsource all of these supplementary services.

Our focus varies from simple homelessness all the way to sophisticated PAYDEX scores.

Nonetheless ANG is here to serve YOU!!!


Our mission is to ensure clients that our consulting, education, and housing is of the best quality within the industry. Quality and integrity is our motto, and we stand on it. Accountability, reliability, responsibility, and integrity are the tenets to a successful transition back into a low risk and healthy lifestyle. At ANG we look in the mirror and demand positive results one day at a time. We are committed to change, growth, and positive personal development.


 This is a caring, friendly, progressive, and professionally provided workplace that provides consultations and different tiered assisted living facilities.

Owner | CEO

I’m Keith McClellan . We provide both business and personal consultation assisting in growth and development. Our philanthropic endeavors allow us to provide housing, treatment, and counseling through our outsourced outreach division. Those who are newly released inmates, veterans and/or mentally ill.

Keith L McClellan President and CEO of Altruistic Network Group, is an experienced serial entrepreneur and small business expert. He is trained and highly skilled in the following areas : 

  • Entrepreneurship         
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Marketing
  • Quality Control 

  • Sales Consulting

  • Managerial Accounting

  • Service Marketing 

 Keith L McClellan specializes in new business startups, building strategic alliances, branding, franchise prototype implementation, and adds a wealth of knowledge in “Financial Foundation”. He also has great PR skills due to his extensive sales experience and background.

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With God All Things Are Possible

Keith L McClellan